Multi Fuel Safety

Multi Fuel in Safe Hands

ALL Multi Fuel, Gas and Oil Heating Appliances and their associated flues, need regular servicing to ensure efficient operation and to meet Health and Safety Standards

Your chimney must be swept at least once a year if you are burning Multi fuel. If left unswept:

All multi fuel, gas and oil appliances operate more reliably, efficiently and, most importantly, safely, if they are installed and serviced correctly.

Following a few simple guidelines will ensure safe and efficient operation.

Ventilation is Vital

Heating appliances, whatever fuel they burn, need to be able to 'breathe' in order to function safely and efficiently.

For appliances to 'breathe' the room must never be completely airtight, they need a constant and sufficient flow of air. Purpose vents or airbricks in an exterior wall of the room are necessary. Always ensure vents or airbricks are not blocked or covered.

If in any doubt, contact Shropshire Multi fuel to check your appliance ventilation is adequate.

Essential Appliance and Flue Cleaning

To enable your appliance to 'breathe' efficiently do not allow soot or ash to build up where it can hinder or prevent the free flow of smoke and other products of combustion.

Empty and check the ash pan every day.

Flue ways at the back of the boiler should be cleaned once a week, but always let the fire go out and allow ashes to cool before cleaning.

The throat plates at the top of the room heater should be removed and cleaned regularly.

Have your chimney swept at least once every year, preferably before each winter.

Safety Checklist


If your appliance begins to burn slowly, goes out frequently or if you suspect or smell fumes you must:

It is strongly recommended that chimneys using the following fuels are swept and checked at the recommended intervals:

Shropshire Multi Fuel is the only local company fully accredited and qualified to maintain Multi fuel, gas, and oil appliances and flues. Our operatives are chimney and heating experts, trained, qualified and registered with Gas Safe, OFTEC (Oil) and HETAS (Multi Fuel).

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